Customer Referral Program

We need your help spreading the word to livestock producers about the benefits of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and where to get product at the most competitive price. Consider joining our referral program and start earning credit towards your next purchase of vinegar from The Vinegar Guys.
  • Earn $50 credit per skid of product sold to any new customer mentioning you as a reference
    • Minimum purchase of 4, 55-gal barrels or 1, 275-gal tote
    • Purchases from a returning customer are not eligible to earn credit
  • Use your accumulated credit as payment on your next purchase from The Vinegar Guys.
You must:
  1. Have previously purchased vinegar from The Vinegar Guys
  2. Have completed the referral program sign-up form
Responsibilities of The Vinegar Guys
In the event that a new customer of The Vinegar Guys mentions you as a referral:
  1. We will acknowledge via email or phone that a referral has been received.
  2. Upon final payment and delivery of the referred order, a credit will be issued to your account. This credit amount can be taken off the purchase price of vinegar from your next purchase

Referral Program