Apple Cider Vinegar & Tote Valves

Vinegar ships by the pallet and total cost is determined by the price of the vinegar + freight to your location.

We aim to find freight around $125 per pallet to areas of Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas, Nebraska & Illinois.

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Raw ACV - Quantity & Price* (Before Freight)

Unpasteurized -- contains the 'mother'. 

Not made from apple 

juice concentrate. 

Product of USA apples.


55 Gallon Drums

*Pricing Subject to change

Tote Valves


Creates a dispenser for any totes sold by The Vinegar Guys.

SPECIAL: Buy any four totes (above) and receive (1) free valve.

Raw ACV Product Information

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Shelf Life and Storage

Shelf Life                    12 months (***for appearance only)

Minimum Temp.          32ºF (0ºC)

Maximum Temp.         80ºF (27ºC)

This product is food grade and can be used for human consumption indefinitely. Shelf life is indicated for best appearance only. Depending on storage conditions, some color changes, sedimentation and mother of vinegar may appear throughout the life of the product. Cooler temperatures and lack of oxygen will slow these alterations.